HBO Max’s “Lovely Little Liars: Authentic Sin” is the 3rd check out at a reboot of Freeform’s hit “Lovely Little Liars” sequence. It is helmed via the similar creators in the back of “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and “Riverdale,” so it is no marvel the most recent adaptation leans into slasher-horror vibes, and we’re so right here for it. Even with the riding thriller of the masked risk “A” lurking dangerously on the subject of the brand new ensemble of Liars, a number of operating mysteries within the tale stay the audience’ consideration as neatly. The enigma surrounding Imogen’s (Bailee Madison) being pregnant, as an example.

In a up to date chat with TV Insider, government manufacturer Lindsay Calhoon Deliver weighed in at the cloak-and-dagger nature of Imogen’s being pregnant. “You’ll know who the daddy is. It is vital, no longer simplest to Imogen, but additionally to the feminine friendships within the display. It leads in opposition to an excessively robust bonding between the younger girls — a robust improve gadget,” she teased.

So who’s the daddy of Imogen’s unborn kid? Forward, you’ll be able to to find all of the little puzzle items that would possibly lead us nearer to the identification of Imogen’s child’s father.

What We Know About Imogen’s Child’s Father

After the one-month time soar following her mom’s loss of life, Imogen returns to Millwood Prime, at which level she’s now six months into her being pregnant. On her first day again, when her classmates press her for extra information about the daddy, she says he used to be a lifeguard however isn’t within the image.

The scene then cuts to a flashback of Imogen sitting by myself on the seashore with a liquor bottle beside her, staring forward deep in idea. Within the fleeting collection, Imogen is dressed in a blue get dressed and matching cardigan — the similar outfit she wore to Karen Beasley’s area celebration. You can take into accout Imogen and Karen ended up arguing on the celebration over Karen’s boyfriend, Greg, kissing Imogen, at which level Karen kicked her out. It sounds as if that Imogen one way or the other finally ends up on the seashore after that, and it will appear that used to be the evening of her child’s conception.

Within the wake of her mom’s unexpected loss of life, the overpowering duty of citing a kid hits Imogen, as they have been supposed to lift the toddler in combination with out the assistance of the newborn’s father.

Does Imogen Know the Id of Her Child’s Father?

It is imaginable the daddy of Imogen’s child hasn’t been offered but, since no person personality turns out to suit the invoice to this point. However may just that be as a result of Imogen herself does not know who the daddy is? The creators will have slipped in a single primary clue hinting at this chance.

Within the first episode, Tabby (Chandler Kinney), Imogen’s closest pal, sneakily retrieves a digicam she put in of their college’s boys’ locker room. She takes the photos house and in moderation navigates in the course of the recording. She’s taking notes whilst she peruses the content material, as though looking to monitor down anyone with a particular bodily characteristic.

It sounds as if shady, however we later to find out in episode 5 that “one thing” took place to Tabby one evening at a celebration within the woods that left her traumatized. Whilst what, precisely, went down hasn’t been printed, Greg and Tyler’s misogynistic, sleazy habits incessantly leaves Tabby feeling brought about and uncomfortable. Her responses recommend she will have been sexually assaulted via anyone that evening. Whilst she apparently does not know that individual’s identification, it is imaginable she spotted an figuring out characteristic that evening, like a birthmark, that she’s now the usage of to spot her attacker via her boys’ locker room surveillance.

So how does this hook up with Imogen’s child’s father? Smartly, on the finish of episode 5, when Tabby finds to Imogen that one thing took place to her within the woods, the latter finds that “one thing” took place to her as neatly. Now assume again to the flashback of Imogen sitting on the seashore. She looked as if it would have a matted look. Is it imaginable her being pregnant is the results of sexual attack? That might give an explanation for why the daddy is not concerned about Imogen’s lifestyles. If that is the case and Imogen does not know who her attacker is, is it imaginable Tabby and Imogen have been each sexually assaulted via the similar individual, and is that this individual Imogen’s child’s father?

This additionally strains up completely with what manufacturer Calhoon Deliver mentioned concerning the identification of Imogen’s child’s father resulting in a bonding enjoy between two robust girls, aka, Imogen and Tabby.

Is Tyler Imogen’s Child’s Father?

All over the primary 5 episodes, it turns into transparent Tyler is a sleazy piece of labor. He used to be the person who egged Kelly on and filmed her when she used to be intoxicated and prone after studying Greg had kissed Imogen at her celebration. Tabby overhears him bragging about having intercourse with anyone and no longer “pulling out” in episode 4, and he tries to force Mouse into ingesting.

On the other hand, if Imogen is aware of the daddy’s identification, it kind of feels not going it is Tyler, since she does no longer appear to have any trepidation in any way when interacting with him right through the primary 5 episodes. Whilst you consider Tyler’s brutal loss of life by the hands of A on the finish of episode 5, the probabilities of him being the daddy dwindle.

Is Greg Imogen’s Child’s Father?

Greg outright lies about creating a transfer on Imogen at Karen’s celebration, striking Imogen in an inconceivable scenario. All over the primary 5 episodes, he is haughty and self-centered. Whilst he is not fairly as creepy as Tyler, he isn’t a lot better. He incessantly crosses the road along with his sexual jokes, like when he stripped bare whilst filming Tabby’s horror movie in episode 5 after having promised to put on a speedo as a part of her safe-set stipulations.

Like Tyler, Imogen displays no trepidation whilst interacting with Greg, so if she is aware of the daddy’s identification, it is almost certainly no longer him. If she used to be sexually assaulted, then again, there is a chance he’s the attacker.

There is one significant component that means Greg is not the daddy both manner, then again: Tabby sees him nude from head to toe when he strips bare whilst filming. If she is, in reality, in search of the figuring out marker of her attacker within the boys’ locker room photos, she would have noticed it on Greg in that second. Since she does not, the probabilities of Greg being the daddy change into smaller (if the daddy could also be the one who will have assaulted Tabby, this is).

Is Chip Imogen’s Child’s Father?

OK, endure with us in this one. Tabby’s pal, filming spouse, and theater coworker Chip turns out like probably the most wonderful human. He listens to Tabby and at all times tries to do proper via her, and despite the fact that it is transparent he has some unrequited emotions for her, he by no means, ever crosses the road (not like Tabby’s creepy boss, Wes). Smartly, so far as we all know, no less than.

Whilst Chip hasn’t completed the rest to outwardly recommend he is the rest however an excellent pal, he is nearly too superior. Tabby is going to Chip continuously to assist her together with her schemes and straight-up admits she’ll simplest move to the dance with him if he concurs to assist her embarrass Karen in entrance of the entire college (which, oddly, he concurs to). Whilst Tabby has no legal responsibility to love Chip as the rest greater than a chum, when bearing in mind his unrequited emotions for her, his stage of persistence together with her once in a while self-involved antics turns out nearly caricature-like — particularly when the digicam lingers on him for a beat too lengthy after their interactions.

Chip appears to be prepared to head along side absolutely anything to stick subsequent to Tabby. So both Chip is in fact probably the most affected person, wonderful human ever, or there’s something sinister hiding underneath the outside. May just he be the mysterious attacker who will have assaulted Tabby and Imogen?

If he’s, lets to find out quickly sufficient. After Tabby fires Greg from their horror venture, Chip gives to step into Greg’s function, because of this Tabby will quickly see Chip in a speedo.

We’re going to most probably revisit the previous occasions extra in upcoming episodes, which can provide us extra clues as to who Imogen’s child’s father is. New episodes of “PLL: Authentic Sin” hit HBO Max weekly on Thursdays.